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Overview: Until now, there hasn’t been a way to effectively crash test Cybersecurity solutions to rate their effectiveness, in a real-world environment, using real-world hackers.

KIKrrs® HACKERverse® and the World Hacker Games® are a new twist on how to make cloud tools usable, to speed up revenue velocity for vendors, and sharpen the accuracy of their tools.
Welcome to the HACKERverse® and the World Hacker Games® … the home of community-led, experiential buying and selling of Cybersecurity software.

Entering your products/solutions in the World Hacker Games® is the path to getting into the Cyber Defense Ecosystem (CDE). Vendors in the CDE are pre-vetted and membership is invite only. World Hacker Games is the first step for emerging vendors that have yet to prove themselves as a viable Cybersecurity solution.

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