This ecosystem contains the best spectrum of cybersecurity solutions that have been evaluated by cybersecurity professionals (including CISOs). As new solutions arise, our army of CISOs will examine them before they can be featured on the CDE marketplace. All suppliers must also be channel-centric because it is the channel that will promote, sell, deploy and manage their solutions.

A substantial portion of the membership benefits are available for free. In many cases that will be enough for many members. That said, all benefits will add incremental value to your business so we are also working with vendors and suppliers to minimize costs for our members with discounts and rebates. The goal is to eventually offer everything to our members at little or no cost with the support of our vendor and supplier partners!

Keep an eye out. Although it is still early days, we are on a mission to deliver on our mission. Together we are the Cyber Defenders. Join us!

How To Get Started

First, identify your channel partner “On-Ramp” to the CDE.

Typical (or retiring owners) VARs have fewer options if they lack a viable exit strategy. For these VARs, you could transfer your client base to an organization that will seek to convert them into monthly recurring revenue for cybersecurity services in return for a commission.

VARs trying to transition into Managed Services and/or cybersecurity: These organizations may generate some monthly recurring revenue, primarily from SaaS licenses, Hardware-as-a-Service, or VoIP but not much in cybersecurity. Most of these businesses may be unable to afford the cost and human resources required to convert to a cybersecurity-first MSP, so it is likely that they would outsource the services to an MSSP or SOC in exchange for a commission.

MSPs looking to become a cybersecurity-first organization may face comparable challenges in developing a major cybersecurity business practice. Cost, human resources, time, and energy can all be considered preventative measures. These MSPs are well-positioned to take advantage of some of the CDE’s suppliers and technologies to assist them in bridging the gap and migrate more quickly with a mix of in-house development, outsourced services, and fractional talent.

Cybersecurity-first MSPs that have already converted the majority of their clients to some form of recurring revenue and provide good cybersecurity services. These MSPs are in the best position to take advantage of the CDE because they are already looking for new methods to scale or eventually migrate to an MSSP. With a solid foundation already in place, they can simply find everything they need to address gaps and scale more efficiently and quickly.

MSSPs can benefit from the CDE by cherry-picking solutions and services to fill in the gaps. They may be aware of some gaps, while others remain unknown. The secondary potential is to collaborate with other MSPs and VARs as an outsourcing partner for managed cyber services.

SOCs can reap the same benefits as MSSPs do. Find ways to fill gaps and become an outsource partner for other MSPs and VARs.

If you identify as one of the aforementioned types, you can begin your membership journey with the CDE and start benefiting immediately!

Learn more about the 36 steps of a cyber-first MSP!

Join us at a Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit, coming to a Top Golf location near you.


The Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit (CDES) is a one-of-a-kind cybersecurity educational and networking event held at TopGolf facilities around the United States. It is the meeting place for the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem (CDE) channel community.

We meticulously choose providers from over 4,000 cybersecurity companies through a vetting process to bring you the best of the best. Expect a jam-packed day of education, entertainment, and networking. We are coming to your area, but you are invited to attend any of the four to six events scheduled for 2024.

CDES is the in-person community meetings of CDE, an independent resource for building and scaling the best cybersecurity managed services. Register for free to be a member. As a CDE member, you may attend the in-person events for free as a CDE member (MSP, MSSP, or SOC). It’s a $500 value. The CDE is the perfect one-stop shop for all of your cybersecurity requirements!

CDES offers a comprehensive range of independent business tools and services to help you market and deploy cybersecurity solutions while also empowering all parts of your organization and team. Each tool or service we highlight solves a key problem to help you succeed.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming events in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Explore the short-listed vendor showcase of services and solutions

Explore the Cybersecurity vendors that we have curated on the “short-list”. These and other vendors are currently being vetted by cybersecurity professionals before being approved to be on the CDE marketplace. Explore and book demos for the other business services, platforms and partners.

Three services that we would recommend exploring out of the gate are:

  1. Platform to help you manage your cybersecurity solutions, team, certifications, providers and partners (FREE)
  2. Marketing Automation Platform to help you automate your marketing and communications (FREE)
  3. Join a peer-group to build your private network for support and collaboration (NOT FREE)

With just these three activities, you can double your bottom line profits.

That’s just the front door of the ecosystem. Wait until to get inside and explore what else we have for our members.

Attention Cybersecurity Vendors

If you are a cybersecurity vendor and are interested in participating in the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem, please review the information on our vendor page and sign up to download a vendor prospectus.

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