Presenter: Jeff Mesnik, President of ContentMX

Jeff Mesnik and Julian Lee explored the changing landscape of B2B buyer behavior and the success of MSPs using the Content MX platform, which offers a free subscription and combines features of Constant Contact, Hootsuite, and WordPress. The automated marketing system was also discussed, with an emphasis on the critical role of consistent and high-quality content in establishing trust with customers.

The conversation then moved on to the critical role of call to actions in marketing strategies, particularly focusing on the importance of effective landing pages in driving customer engagement and conversions. Jeff elaborated on the automated posting process and the necessity of engaging with reactions and comments on social media. Jeff also presented the platform’s innovative features, including automated email distribution and the introduction of partner directories with AI chat search.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the marketing challenges faced by MSPs, emphasizing the platform’s adaptability to integrate with various email systems. They underscored the importance of data protection and personalization in marketing to build trust with customers, and the need for consistent marketing efforts to leverage available funding.