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Best Managed IT Companies

Overview: This is a FREE online evaluation tool built specifically for MSPs to benchmark optimal business practices. The organizations are evaluated in 12 key areas of business using about 200 questions. Simply answer as many questions as possible!

The solution employs a sophisticated Business Intelligence AI algorithm that has been fine-tuned with data inputs from thousands of VAR, MSP, and ITSP assessments over many years. As a result, the system can accurately benchmark and score the applicant’s best business practices. There is a manual component of the assessment as some elements simply cannot be automated. The questions were created and updated with the help of over 30 professional business coaches who are well-versed in the IT industry. As we track progress and results based on each data point, the system continuously learns which data points best relate to successful IT organizations. We will assess organizations by country, size, and type as the system continues to learn and evolve.

Privacy and Security: No detailed information about any applicant is ever shared with any third-party organization for any reason whatsoever except for the public announcement of the Top 50 Award Winners. However, any appliant may choose to OPT-OUT of the award program and NOT be included in the award winner listing. The system can be used purely to help measure best practices or to simply know some of the questions that companies should be asking themselves as an MSP business. No financial information is stored in this system. Any applicant may request that their information to be wiped clean from the system at anytime. The information gathered are mostly non-written answers (just values) to questions for the sole purposes of benchmarking the business practices. There is NO transactional information. Only basic identifying information that is already available publicly to set up an account is required and it is possible to have a pseudo company name and notify us directly.

Being a Best Managed IT Company has nothing to do with revenue! It is completely based on the best practices utilized to manage the company. Each applicant will be assigned a score in each of the 12 categories to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of their business operations.

Coming soon: 50 Best Managed IT Cybersecurity Companies Awards. This award will be exclusively for channeel partners who focus on Cybersecurity. We currently host awards for general channel partners.

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