Event Management, Industry Events, Lead generation, Personalization, Sales Enablement


Content Access, Interactive Content, No Tracking Browser, Partner engagement, Privacy Controls, data protection, secure QR


Overview: The OnPoint provides an innovative digital solution designed to redefine professional networking and information sharing at conferences and events. It emphasizes privacy, allowing users to securely connect and exchange digital e-brochures, thus minimizing the environmental footprint associated with traditional paper materials. This platform features QR code integration for seamless content access, a user-friendly interface for intuitive navigation, and robust privacy controls to protect user data. It serves as a versatile tool for attendees to efficiently discover, engage, and follow up on valuable connections and content.

Use OnPoint to anonymously engage with vendors through QR code scanning. Say goodbye to outdated brochures and hello to digital, interactive content.

OnPoint Secure QR App


  • Instantaneous Scanning: Scan, auto save links and easily review later.
  • Favourites at Your Fingertips: Organize and prioritize your saved links.
  • Share Without Sharing Your Data: Share interesting finds directly from the app.
  • Research with Peace of Mind: Use the built-in no-tracking browser for distraction-free and safe browsing.