Tyler Farrar, CISO at Exabeam, shared his background, including his experience as a naval officer and his journey to becoming a CISO at Exabeam. He discussed the “State of Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response” November 2023 report., which aims to shed light on cybersecurity threats and defenses from a global perspective, uncovering disparities and highlighting critical areas for improvement. He also talked about the transformation of the CISO role, the evolving dynamics of bad actors in cybercrime, and the cybersecurity posture of companies.

The conversation also revolved around the challenges faced by insurance companies in insuring cybersecurity risks, the development of incident response playbooks, and the impact of AI in cybersecurity. Tyler emphasized the never-ending nature of cybersecurity and the need for professionals to remain agile in their approach.

Key stats from the report include:

  • More than one in two organizations experienced significant security incidents in the last year that required extra resources to mitigate — despite 70% of organizations reporting better performances on key cybersecurity KPIs
  • Organizations globally report that they can only monitor 66% of IT environments — leaving significant gaps in coverage
  • 53% of organizations have automated less than 50% of their TDIR workflows

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