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Data & More, located in Copenhagen, specializes in providing information services. The company focuses on digital domain matters, emphasizing the importance of translating ethics and actions into rules and controls to ensure and maintain compliance. While their specific services are not detailed in the search results, they do offer an effective solution for Exchange Online users to maintain compliance documentation. Their aim is to help organizations navigate the digital landscape more effectively and ethically.

Data & More offers a variety of services focusing on data compliance and management. One of their key offerings is the D&M Toolbox, which allows businesses to monitor their level of compliance across various data sources such as emails, attachments, file shares, laptops, SharePoint, Intranet, and any other data. They run their services on multiple layers of monitoring and encryption and hire third-party penetration tests to continually improve their software. Additionally, Data & More’s Complice Service (DMCS) supports a wide range of legal frameworks, emphasizing their commitment to provide compliant solutions. For more information about their specific services and tools follow these links: