Overview: Trellix is a cybersecurity provider that develops an extended detection and response (XDR) platform managed by Musarubra US. It focuses on the protection of endpoints, applications, cloud, collaboration, infrastructure, data, and users. Trellix was formed as a result of a merger between McAfee Enterprise and FireEye.

McAfee and FireEye are both prominent cybersecurity companies offering comprehensive solutions to protect individuals and organizations against cyber threats. McAfee provides a wide range of products including antivirus software, endpoint protection, cloud security, data protection, and network security solutions. With a focus on advanced threat intelligence and proactive security measures, McAfee helps users stay safe in today’s interconnected digital landscape. FireEye specializes in advanced threat intelligence, detection, and response solutions. Their comprehensive platform combines network security, endpoint security, email security, threat intelligence, and incident response capabilities. By leveraging industry-leading technology, global threat intelligence, and expert analysis, FireEye enables organizations to detect and defend against sophisticated cyber threats, including targeted attacks, advanced malware, and zero-day exploits.



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