Presenter: Randal Wark

Julian Lee and Randal discussed the concept of vendor mastermind peer groups. They proposed three types of groups: regular peer groups, sponsored peer groups, and focus groups, each offering unique opportunities for vendors to engage with MSPs. The team discussed the potential benefits of these groups, such as facilitating knowledge sharing, gathering feedback, and fostering collaboration. They also discussed the logistics of organizing and structuring these groups, highlighting the potential for vendors to sponsor and participate in these peer group initiatives.

The speakers emphasized the importance of adapting strategies to the evolving vendor landscape and stressed the value of sharing knowledge and experiences to drive collective success within the vendor community. They discussed the value of providing real-world education, branding opportunities, and the chance to connect with MSPs in a peer group setting. The speakers underscored the importance of creating a memorable experience for attendees and partners, highlighting the potential for sponsors to elevate their marketing efforts and leave a lasting positive impression.